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How do you treat an infected garden?

The best course of action if you are convinced one of your roses is infected is to first spray the area with Cygon 2E, then rogue it out and burn it (or bag it and send it to the landfill), and keep a sharp lookout for additional symptoms on other  plants, especially on plants adjacent to and downwind of the infected plant.  If  you have the option, remove any wild roses that might be a source of infection.  If you have a rose that is "iffy", that is, it might be sick, but you really don't want to rogue it out, then you may want to place it in isolation.  The isolation can be chemical (spray often to make sure no mites from it travel to other roses) or physical (dig it up and keep it away from other roses.).

One way that we live with the threat of RRD is to space bushes far enough apart that we can see the
individual canes and try to keep canes from one bush from contact with other plants. (This is just
hypothetical in our old garden rose beds.)  When in doubt, it’s better to dig up, isolate and closely
observe a single infected plant. See Chapter 4 for more information.       
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